I feel like a lot happened in the music world this week. Or maybe I was just more aware of what was going on due to my obsessive #musicdiary2012 cataloging. In any case, I want to know the absolute best song that you heard this week. The song can be brand new to the Internet, an old song…

"Wait For You" by Derek Evry

  1. celiacbubbie answered: With a Little Help From My Friends, Joe Cocker it always makes me think of those days. Imagine, John Lennon, I cry every time I hear it.
  2. xphile answered: I’m really digging Rock On Young Savior:…
  3. addfactory answered: My Bloody Valentine “Swallow” was a surprise!
  4. bryucca answered: Garbage - “I Hate Love”…
  5. dreamboatmusic answered: Easy question. Radiation City “The Color of Industry”
  6. bibhuteebaba answered: Shostakovich : Festive Overture
  7. designbygoogle answered: Honeycomb by Animal Collective
  8. sadiez answered: Two Weeks by Grizzly Bear. It’s one I first heard several years ago, but manages ro feels new each time I listen.
  9. therightcolor answered: This week I realized “I’ll Wait With You” by Pygmy Lush is a great song.
  10. yousaidineededa answered: Today I heard Calexico’s version of “All the Pretty Little Horses.” Haunting take on a song I never thought I’d especially care for.
  11. im-stephanie answered: Kid Cudi - Pursuit of Happiness extended Steve Aoki remix. Hearing this song made the end of my spring semester that much sweeter
  12. sheisthefracturedonesewn answered: Santigold’s “Never Enough”
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    "Wait For You" by Derek Evry
  14. alextheredparez answered: "Wait For You" by Derek Evry
  15. brknees answered: The Graveyard near the House - The Airborne Toxic Event
  16. nwroth answered: Radio Girl by Jim Testa. Very bouncy and fun - great for summertime.
  17. emy81 answered: Ducktails - Killin the Vibe. Great kick-off song for the summer
  18. vastandgrand answered: "Money" by Cains & Abels
  19. itgetsrad answered: King Of The Decade by White Fence
  20. anthropologymother answered: two songs;
  21. i-am-dad answered: I’ digging 45 by Gaslight Anthem
  22. worldvillagemusic answered: I’ll have to say “Like a Buffalo” from Sandra Nkake’s “Nothing for Granted.”
  23. mslindseytaylor answered: "Nancy from Now On" by Father John Misty
  24. dreamingofmonday answered: I went to see Lotus Plaza last night - their song “Strangers” has been stuck in my head all week so it was great to see it played live
  25. alanwherry answered:…
  26. qbnscholar answered: Stepping Stone by Duffy
  27. bertotopia answered: Per Te - IL Volo
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    Dark Roman Wine most definitely. Strange is writing up a laundry list of ideas supposedly directed at a single person...
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  30. skeeterscoots answered: Death Cab for Cutie’s Transatlanticism, live, featuring the Magik*Magik Orchestra.. just finishing up their U.S. tour!
  31. craftypalette answered: De los amores, sung by Susana Baca….she is amazing!
  32. iwirz answered: Michael Franti & Spearhead performing Say Hey (I Love You)
  33. corporatenonsense answered: Rilo Kiley - “Give A Little Love”